Tools for Digital Printers. Batch process your mail lists for variable print jobs.
Upload your mail lists to and monitor progress in real-time. Upon completion, download the job assets. The process is automated. You run the schedule.
With you can:
  • Create Map images with routes between locations.
  • Geocode thousands of street addresses.
  • Create hundreds of thousands of QR Codes.
  • DeDupe a mail list in minutes.
  • Verify email addresses.

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Purl-Tools offers the following mail list services for printers...

Map Routes
Batch generate print-quality maps with routes between two locations. Driving distances and times are also calculated.
Batch geocode your mail list addresses. Calculate the closest locations between origin and destination lists.
QR Codes
Batch create QR Code images from your mail lists. Create QR Codes from URL, email address and phone number columns.
DeDupe Records
Clean your mail lists by removing duplicate records. Compare multiple columns to check for duplicates.
Email Addresses
Validate and rate email addresses for deliverability with basic syntax validation and MX record look-ups.

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